Wednesday, 24 April 2019

New Wark Times - Bruce Wark - Sackville NB [ ex-CBC journalist ]

New Wark Times - Bruce Wark - indie reporter's backstory to beginning his website in the region .. Bruce writes:

" Yes, this blog dates from February 2015 covering news in the town of Parrsboro and vicinity. I had been covering Parrsboro news for CICR-FM, the local community radio station for about two years, but finally quit in frustration and started my own local news service. After moving to Sackville in 2016, I started covering local news here mainly for CHMA-FM, the campus/community radio station, but after a year, I quit to devote more effort to Warktimes. CHMA does not cover much local news even though it’s supposed to under the terms of its broadcast licence. I send radio versions of my Warktimes stories to CFTA, the community station in Amherst. As far as I can tell, very few people listen to CHMA. Each student at Mt. A. is required to contribute $40 per academic year to CHMA and $33 to the Argosy, the student newspaper. Unlike CHMA, the Argosy actually covers campus and town news." -- response received by the comment section

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