Sunday, 20 June 2021

They Make Their Intentions Known - - And To Those Of Us Paying Attention It Is So Clear!


Happy Father's Day to All The Dad's Out There!


Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #41 Guest Theo Fleury

Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #41 Guest (Theo Fleury) Today’s guest is Theo Fleury. Theo is a well-known former NHL all-star hockey player who won a Stanley Cup in 1989 with the Calgary Flames, and Olympic gold for Canada at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. He is a highly sought motivational speaker, a best-selling author, and a leading voice in relational trauma. He is a true warrior and patriot who has been speaking out about the current narrative on Covid-19. Disclaimer: The views expressed by guests on this podcast are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Atlantic Underground Podcast. If you enjoyed this content please like, share with others, and subscribe! Subscribe to Atlantic Underground Podcast:… Become a patron and help the podcast grow Our Website Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Bitchute: Follow us on Brand New Tube Follow us on Telegram Follow us on Rumble Follow us on LBRY Theo Fleury Facebook Page Theo Fleury Twitter Theo Fleury Instagram Theo Fleury Website

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Awake! With Canada's Dr. Dena Churchill - A Deeply Caring and Intelligent Soul Living in Nova Scotia...

 We are lucky to have this lady's voice in the Maritimes.  So glad that Dena Churchill uses her voice and her energies to help others!  My recently departed good friend in New York City Sallie Elkordy is a mutual friend with Dena and I.. true blue activism and concern for the young and old, and everyone in between.  Standing with Dena!

Dena's blog Awake - Health Truth

Friday, 18 June 2021

Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #56 Guest Susan Standfield

Today’s guest is Susan Stanfield. Susan is the founder of the lifestyle brand Health and Justice. Susan lived in Africa for many years where she became very familiar with corruption and advocating for human rights. She lives in British Columbia, Canada now where she is calling for the dissolution of the B.C. NDP government because of its fraudulent handling of this pandemic

Aldous Huxley's Speech at Berkeley in 1962 "The Ultimate Revolution"


Notable Oxford graduate and British author of novel "Brave New World" 1932 which cited the ethos of " COMMUNITY - identity - security " in its opening passages about the scientific dictatorship of the future ... Aldous said: "The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls. " - Aldous Huxley born July 26, 1894. He authored some 50 books. Huxley died at age 69, on the very same day C.S. Lewis died and John F. Kennedy's assassination which was November 22, 1963 - Aldous was born in Godalming, Surrey, England. He was the third son of the writer and schoolmaster Leonard Huxley, who edited Cornhill Magazine, and his first wife, Julia Arnold, who founded Prior's Field School. Julia was the niece of poet and critic Matthew Arnold and the sister of Mrs. Humphry Ward. Julia named him Aldous after a character in one of her sister's novels. Aldous was the grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley, the zoologist, agnostic, and controversialist ("Darwin's Bulldog").

Mask Free Schools in 2021.. Stop Muzzling the Children - Stop The Harm and Oxygen Deprivation!


Thursday, 17 June 2021

Monday, 14 June 2021

Reporting Theft and Fraud ... King John III Intel - Joseph Gregory Hallett @
Joseph Gregory Hallett has been stolen from and abused over decades... it continues to this day...
.... One has to wonder just how low Governments & Judiciaries will go......
They are a Mafia that will go far lower than any Mafia.
Greg Hallett has survived at least sixteen (16) attempts on his life, including two in England 2012-2015 and another in Ireland in 2016, which was actually really quite funny...

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : Not Just a Mum but an NGO Mum.... Mums with Agend...

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : Not Just a Mum but an NGO Mum.... Mums with Agend...: Not Just a Mum but an NGO Mum : "Food Security" & Climate Fears NGO - non governmental organization funded by YOUR g...

Canadian Doctors Fighting The False Narrative | AIER Authors Corner with Dr. Patrick Phillips, ER Doc Englehart Ontario Canada

Living Outside The Dialectic: Niki Raapana talks to herself about communitarianism

Living Outside The Dialectic: Niki Raapana talks to herself about communitarianism: George's show had technical difficulties and they never called back after they lost me twice. I hope they're able to fix things by...

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's Deliberate Dumbing Down Advocacy... 90 year old education whistleblower in the USA

 Recent podcast with Charlotte who lives in Maine:

Older blogger The Official Blog Of Charlotte Iserbyt – ABCs of DumbDown | The Unmasking of Maine....and Beyond (

On Facebook Charlotte Iserbyt - Home | Facebook


On Twitter

Book free online to dowload.. and...

Available in Portuguese language as well....

Civilian Intelligence Network Canada .. News You Can Definitely Use #Boycott CBC

 Nova Scotia Public Health Is A Non Governmental Charitable Organization, Used To Lock You Down - Civilian Intelligence Network

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction : Dr. Rebecca Carley

Dr.Rebecca Carley. ADVERSE REACTIONS to immunizations are more common than many people realize. Please visit her website: Dr. Rebecca (Roczen) Carley received her Bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Ultrasound, attended medical school (and received the Samuel L. Kountz award for clinical excellence in surgery at graduation), and trained to be a general surgeon at State University of New York at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. Dr. Carley also worked as an attending Emergency Room physician at Kings County Medical Center in Brooklyn (which is the primary training affiliate for Downstate students), and is the largest hospital (and busiest trauma center) in the United States. Dr. Carley left the practice of General Surgery and "allopathic" medicine after realizing that no one was actually being healed of their diseases, and she started researching "alternative" medicine while taking time off to start a family. After Dr. Carley's only child was brain damaged as a result of inoculations he received, Dr. Carley learned how to reverse the damage with homeopathy and other natural supplements, and subsequently realized that inoculations of disease are causing the corruption in the immune system which leads to all autoimmune diseases and cancer. Dr. Carley has developed the Hippocrates Protocol which has successfully reversed all autoimmune diseases (including autism) and cancer in over 2,000 clients (including pets) over the past 9 years. She has written the definitive paper explaining the mechanism whereby inoculations with disease are causing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases), which has been featured in multiple publications all over the world and is available under the title "Inoculations: the True Weapons of Mass Destruction" on her website at She has offered a $10,000 reward for any vaccine promoter to come on her internet radio show and refute the documents she has authored. No one has stepped forward to do so. Dr. Carley has been qualified in court as an expert witness in VIDS, Legal Abuse Syndrome, Vaccinology, and child abuse. Dr. Carley no longer "practices medicine", but instead teaches clients nationally and internationally how to reverse their diseases using the Hippocrates protocol she developed. She also goes into the hospital as a patient advocate for clients who are not satisfied with the care their loved ones are receiving. Besides being a guest on over 200 radio and television shows, for over 9 years Dr. Carley had her own weekly public access television show in Long Island, followed by a weekly internet radio show now on (Station 2) on Thursdays at 8:30 PM EST and on on Wednesdays at 12 noon EST, all entitled "What's Ailing America" (archives are also available for both internet shows). Dr. Carley is also available to give talks to interested groups to teach what she has learned about vaccine induced diseases, and how they can be reversed; and has developed a course through the "Hippocrates Academy" where interested students can learn and be certified how to do the Hippocrates Protocol developed by Dr. Carley, which reverses all autoimmune diseases and cancer in people and in pets using natural therapies.

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Joseph Gregory Hallett has claimed Kingship ~ Welcome King John III


Greg Hallett writes on December 30, 2020 at 12:29 PM 

ʻKing Johnʼs Concession of the Kingdom to the Pope 1213 ADʼ was a pious fraud, manufactured in 1234 and backdated to 1213 in an early attempt by the Catholic Church to steal England and Ireland. This was immediately followed by the theft of the physical English Crown. Both acts are being repeated right now with the European Union stealing the UK and the UK Crown. Fortunately Joseph Gregory Hallett reclaimed the UK just in time, and is now the owner of the UK and Europe, as well as all UK Government, and was given the Crown prior to the imaginary UK Government stealing an imaginary crown and giving it to an imaginary EU, without the people’s consent.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

The nightmare continues until.....

 People unify & call out the fraud here in New Brunswick!

How long do people want to suffer for?

Over a year of fear-mongering propaganda has demoralized so many people.... and they're now unable to think for themselves - that is very unfortunate for our youth.

I have advised the elected new Mayor of Sackville New Brunswick by phone yesterday to go "mask-free" in the town and to stop promoting vaxx.

I advised the new mayor that the local Salem Elementary School principal should also go "mask-free" in her school for the health of all students, staff, teachers alike -- unfortunately, Ada Phinney, school principal made the choice [cowardly] to report me to the Moncton RCMP for harassment for giving this concerned advice to her by email recently.  I did have a conversation with an RCMP officer from Moncton about the situation and that I was seeking as well from Ada Phinney the return of my DVD "The Great Global Warming Swindle" which has been on loan to her since October 2019 when I visited with her, on her invitation, at her home to drop the DVD off with her for educational purposes.  I have been nothing but cordial and reasonable with Ada Phinney in the past 10 years and why she has become defensive with me speaks volumes - parents are not exercising their right to free speech - that needs to change.  My advice stands... go "mask-free" and stop the fear-mongering and stop the fraud... children need hugs not masks.. not vaxx.. not lies & b.s.

Additional reading from nearby Nova Scotia reporters at Civilian Intelligence Network: