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Monday, 4 June 2018

SS2020 & the communitarian planners who promote it

Chaired by a local religious studies professor at mta.ca
Sackville Schools 2020 is favored by the local mayor...
its more meddlesome work from communitarian planners / schemers

Please be advised this blogger activism for the youth in our schools is NOT supportive of, nor associated with, SS2020... in fact, this province-wide initiative was started in 2011 by a concerned citizen who has been "excluded" from SS2020 due to questions asked of them that they apparently didn't wish to answer.

I'm always suspicious of the kinds of 'initiatives' with 2020 attached to them and would not support, join in, promote them etc..... I think the removal of the fluoride rinse at the local elementary school a few years ago was a success.  Read this recent study shared at Fluoride Action Network fluoride exposure and intelligence loss in children.. The Simple Truth is that I'm probably not going to receive any acknowledgment ever for my considerable efforts on educating others on this problematic province-wide school programme of adminstering weekly oral sodium fluoride rinse to youngster in our NB schools [since 1979] but I am confident that I am a successful activist in my own right plan to continue advocacy.

Since I do prefer to question the status quo and I like to read and do my own self-directed research I have always and only encouraged others to do the same...

Suggested research:  http://nord.twu.net/acl .. "2020:  Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto" by Niki Raapana & Nordica Friedrich, ACL Books, Alaska USA

Advocating the opt-out of 'community programmes' and 'community schemes' is always a more productive use of my time.  The 'rinse programme' was a mistake.

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