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Sunday, 8 December 2019

UN's Agenda 21/2030 destroying Regional Communities

Malcolm Roberts, Australia...

By regulating every input that a farmer uses, the Liberal and Labor parties have effectively nationalised the Australian farming sector. 

Labor and the Liberals are destroying the productive capacity of farming and our regional communities. Over governing drives up costs, stifles innovation, creativity and the ability of farmers to improve productivity on their own land.

While this bill attempts to improve access to health professionals in the bush, unless we address the over reach and interference of government into every aspect of a farmers life, the decline of regional Australia will continue.

Liberal/Labor are implementing the UN's Agenda 21/2030, setting out a clear agenda to steal our country’s sovereignty and destroying constitutional governance?

Secure property rights are fundamental to freedom yet are being destroyed through ignorance, cowardice and gutlessness by Liberal and Labor governments who happily embrace the United Nations and its evil agenda.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Parents and Children and the Right to Choice in New Brunswick Canada

Advocating for Vaccine Choice in perpetuity.
Parental Rights Are Not Negotiable.

Little Dominic needs to stop whoring himself for Big Pharma in N.B.
Cease and Desist promoting vaccinations now https://twitter.com/DominicCardy

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Disturbing ... Social Justice Radical Agenda - 2019

 Who would do this to an election sign in Sackville NB this year?
Any tips please call Sackville's RCMP for
Nancy Mercier https://twitter.com/ArcadiaNancy 

An Open Letter from Hounds of Vintage
To The Painted Pony Bar & Grill
May 22, 2019
I am writing to express my concern for a Meet & Greet you are hosting this Friday with People’s Party of Canada candidate from Shediac, Nancy Mercier. Both Leader of PPC Maxime Bernier and Nancy Mercier both continually share inaccurate news on the climate catastrophe, encourage their members to speak out publicly against abortion and gender identity rights, and spout dangerous nationalist rhetoric that aligns with an alt-right political agenda.
I am your neighbour, and I am Queer. When voices like these are given platforms in my community I DO NOT FEEL SAFE OR WELCOME, nor do I feel like this community is a safe place for my customers, friends and family, both biological and chosen.
I encourage you to consider the implications of hosting such events. Events like this give voices to HATRED, BIGOTRY, AND VIOLENCE, and further the oppression and discrimination of marginalized people. By hosting such political ideologies in your establishment you are saying to me I am not welcome there, or in this town in general. This is not a message I would like associated with this town or my business.
Again, I would reconsider hosting this event and strongly think about cancelling. If not, you will definitely see my LOUD QUEER VOICE at your doorsteps Friday evening.
Derrick Dixon
Business Owner,
Hounds of Vintage,
Sackville, NB "