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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Sh*t Sackvillians Say.... : Keeping Up With Sneaky Pete .. post-CBC and mta.ca...

Sh*t Sackvillians Say.... : Keeping Up With Sneaky Pete .. post-CBC and mta.ca...: https://twitter.com/petermansbridge Social Influencer - Peter ... 329K followers on Twitter.. not bad old boy! Canadians love Mansbridge...

Globalist & Cultural Marxist Hub - Stephen Garvey, National Citizens Alliance

Streamed live 16 hours ago
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

NCA Connecting the Dots.

Globalist & Cultural Marxist Hub

Revolving door between Mainstream Parties and Barrick Gold Corporation, and constraints on academic freedom through Monk School, infiltration of political and media systems, and globalist indoctrination.

What it all means for you and your family.

National Citizens Alliance's agenda is Canadians First.


No More Sodium Fluoride Rinse in NB Schools Canada .. ADVOCACY


Advocate for health and safety in our schools since 2011 ..... grassroots UNFUNDED citizen activism... congratulations to Sackville's Salem Elementary School for removing the rinse in 2014/2015 school year. The province needs to stop this expensive and harmful weekly practice.

https://www.youtube.com/user/iaomt ... 

Hey Mount Allison University - how about you stop going to other countries and spreading this crap there?!?!.

http://fluoridealert.org .. "Fluoride Free Canada" group on Facebook.. seeking a national ban on the water fluoridation practice.

Supporting Canadians working grassroots to rid our nation of fluoridation..
find our group on Facebook.. help us get the word out on this effort.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Alinsky Film - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Documentary


END RACE BASED LAW Radio-2 "The Petition" explained by Gerry Gagnon with Michele Tittler

Published on Jun 1, 2015

WE, the undersigned citizens of Canada, draw the attention of the Government of Canada to the following:

THAT whereas the Indian Act and Section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, (1867) have divided Canadians by race and heritage; have perpetuated the unequal treatment of Canadian Indians, providing the legal framework for segregation via the reserve system; have prevented reserve Indians from equal provincial educational access; have prevented reserve Indians from having the full legal, economic and property rights and opportunities of other Canadian citizens;

AND whereas the inclusion of Sections 35 and 25 in the Constitution Act (1982) have divided Canadians by race and heritage; have disrupted legal commercial and exploration activities; have introduced legal uncertainty into property ownership; have left some Canadians without proper police protection, as in Caledonia, Ont.; and have left most Canadians with diminished rights with every expansion of 'indigenous rights' based on Section 35;

AND whereas the inclusion of "with particular attention to the circumstances of aboriginal offenders" in Section 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46) has resulted in a two- tiered system of justice, wherein Canadians receive different legal outcomes, depending on their race/ethnic heritage;

AND whereas the United Nations "Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples" contains provisions that are fundamentally incompatible with Canada's constitutional framework;

THEREFORE, your Petitioners call upon the Government of Canada to take the following actions:

THE passage of the repeal of the Indian Act;

THE passage of the removal of "with particular attention to the circumstances of aboriginal
offenders" in Section 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46);

THE removal of Canada's signature from the United Nations "Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples";

THE calling of a Constitutional conference, pursuant to Section 35.1 of the Constitution Amendment Proclamation (1983), leading to the repeal of Sections 35 and 25 of the Constitution Act (1982), and Section 91(24) of the Constitution Act (1867);

THE active encouragement of the provincial legislatures to do the same, or via provincial referenda; and the calling of a federal/provincial Constitutional conference to finalize these changes desired by the people of Canada, including setting a date for the final termination of Treaty and land claims submissions.

Petition to END RACE BASED LAW Signed by the citizens of Canada
Name & Address (city, province, postal code)






Please note this part is for information purposes only and does not form any part of the Official Petition.


*Note that the pages must be free of erasures and contain only original signatures and addresses written directly onto the front AND also the back of the petition page.

The request contained in the Petition to END RACE BASED LAW has been reviewed by Richard Bernier, Procedural Clerk and Clerk of Petitions, House of Commons, and found to meet the official requirements.

Names will not be used in any way other than for the purposes of this Petition conforming to the requirements of the Canadian Government, it is to be presented to the House of Commons.

Contact: endracebasedlawpetition@gmail.com


The online Petition to END RACE BASED LAW is not legal, as the printed and signed version is, but it's worth signing anyway.


Tantramar Landowners Association : Michele Tittler "STOP BLAMING RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS,...

Tantramar Landowners Association : Michele Tittler "STOP BLAMING RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS,...: Michele Tittler "STOP BLAMING RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS, BLAME ALCOHOL!" video link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIpIM-R-1gk ...

Tantramar Landowners Association : FERO WISDOM....

Tantramar Landowners Association : FERO WISDOM....: Why does the government send people mixed messages? Why do they talk out of both sides of their mouths? Why do they meddle in lives?

Tantramar Landowners Association : Sackville's 2nd Street Chalk Festival ... collaborators wanted!

Tantramar Landowners Association : Sackville's 2nd Street Chalk Festival ... collabor...: Street Chalk Art Festival for chalker, artivists, musicians, and more... THE 'OFFICIAL' FUN STARTS 6PM AUGUST 23, 2019 DOWNTOWN ...

Dr. Tim Ball - Climate Corruption - Globalist UN Agenda 2030 - Global Warming

How to Destroy the Climate Change Hoax

Read: The Ricardo Duchesne Collection - Canada

Founder of "Council of European Canadians" Ricardo Duchesne's book collection ~ Ricardo recently retired after 24 years at the Saint John Campus of UNB. Duchesne's fourth book is to be published this year.

CEC Website:  http://eurocanadian.ca
Twitter https://twitter.com/eurocanadians
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eurocanadian/

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Tantramar Landowners Association : Gerald Butts - Technocrat - Canada - Politics

Tantramar Landowners Association : Gerald Butts - Technocrat - Canada - Politics - Li...: Gerry on Twitter  https://twitter.com/gmbutts Gerry tweeted a piece of "globohomo agenda news" recently about the Mayor of Ottawa...

Liberal & Conservative Parties Share Common Ownership

Trav Patron of new federally registered Canadian Nationalist Party lays it out.

If you support our movement to nationalize Canada, subscribe to our email list (https://www.nationalist.ca/subscribe) or become a party member (https://www.nationalist.ca/membership).

Trav Patron, leader of "Canadian Nationalist Party" is now registered as a federal party in Canada for the upcoming election - he hopes to win his riding in
district of Souris-Moose Mountain - Saskatchewan - read and listen here about that run https://www.nationalist.ca/2019/07/04/cnp-leader-travis-patron-interviews-with-moosomin-world-spectator/

Trav founder & leader of CNP on Twitter https://twitter.com/TravisPatron

More at CNP Twitter https://twitter.com/nationalistc

Youtube video:  "As a nationalist party it is not our job to be nice to you... " starts off Trav Patron .. a young Canadian who took a look at the platforms of all the Canadian federal parties and didn't like them so he started his own party.  Listen:

I would strongly advise my blog readers NOT TO IGNORE the voices of Gen X, Y and Z because unlike "boomers" they are a lot more savvy & technically-minded and socially connected than ANY OTHER GENERATION EVER BEFORE - they are well aware of a lot of things that none of us were at their age.. keep it in mind.

Just Released!! CCFR Media Bias Study

Gun owners have claimed that there is an unfair bias against private firearm ownership in our media. The media of course denies that they are picking winners and losers. Now, for the first time ever we have a definitive report to prove that at least in the case of the publicly-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, this bias is quantifiable and beyond significant. 

Now you can say it and prove it. We will be taking the CBC to task on this unfair treatment of over 2.2 million Canadians. The CCFR will always stand up for gun owners because we are gun owners who want a better Canada too.

Download it here: https://gundebate.ca/mediabias/

Support the CCFR here: https://firearmrights.ca/en/home/

Twitter page https://twitter.com/CCFR_CCDAF

Tantramar Landowners Association : The Great Carbon Tax Robbery .. eh?

Tantramar Landowners Association : The Great Carbon Tax Robbery .. eh?: Green Party Beausejour Candidate wants you to pay carbon tax; say no to Greens! Her hubby Chris wants the 'management'

Annual Mass Migration into Canada: 950,949 - Stephen Garvey, National Citizens Alliance

What does this mass migration mean to the Canadian people? What impact on our prosperity and security? 

Why are the mainstream parties and media silent about the true extent of migration into Canada? 

How does the NCA migration totals compare to the mainstream parties? 

2019 Immigration Targets from the Government
Regular, legal migration:
Economic 191,600
Chain Migration 88,500
Humanitarian 51,900
Total: 330,800
What is not included in the totals
2019 Estimates Based Upon Previous Years
Study Permit Holders 317,328 (2017 issued)
Temporary Foreign Workers: 78,788 (2017)
International Mobility Program 224,033 (2017) 
Illegal Migrants Who Are Undetected (No Asylum Claim) No Data 
Total: 620,149
Number of People Who Left Canada 69,550 (2018)
Total 2019 Immigration Projected Intake less outflow: 950,949

Total 2019 Immigration Projected Intake less outflow: 881,399

Under Harper in Comparison 
2015 Immigration Targets from the Government
Regular, legal migration:
Economic 172,100
Chain Migration 63,000
Humanitarian 24,900
Total: 260,000
What is not included in the totals
2019 Estimates Based Upon Previous Years
Study Permit Holders 219,143
Temporary Foreign Workers: 73,016
International Mobility Program 175,967 
Illegal Migrants Who Are Undetected (No Asylum Claim) No Data 
Total: 468,126
Total 2015 Immigration Intake: 728,126


Sunday, 11 August 2019

Students for Western Civilisation - 2019 - Colonize The Safe Space - Canada

SWC is a Non-Violent, Pan-European Nationalist and Autonomist student group based in Toronto, Canada.


  1. That our universities are corrupt. Our universities have become subverted by an overwhelming leftist bias which has created a toxic and anti-intellectual culture. That culture is characterized by—among other things—an extreme antagonism and hostility towards white people which often manifests in ways that contravene the Hate Speech provisions defined in section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code. Because of this culture of extremism and anti-intellectualism, criticism of those far-left ideas is heavily oppressed, often with physical violence.
  2. That our immigration/economic systems are turning Europeans into minorities in the countries where we live around the world. This is significant because the countries where we live are democracies and in a democracy the majority rules. If we become minorities in the democracies where we live then we will lose the ability to rule ourselves. We will lose our autonomy, our powers of self-determination, our ability to elect our leaders and choose our own destinies.
  3. That these phenomena constitute entirely legitimate grievances which run counter to our perceived interests and that we have, not only a “right”, but a duty, to protect and assert those perceived interests as we see fit.


  1. To genuinely explore contemporary ethnic and cultural politics in a forum which, unlike our universities, does not exclude rightist, conservative or Eurocentric perspectives.
  2. To organize for and advance the interests of European peoples.
  3. To promote and celebrate Western Civilisation.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

CCFR Radio Episode 44 - Aug 8, 2019

The official TACCOM episode!!!
Special guests Fred & Adam from Firearms Outlet Canada - Hosts of TACCOM 2019.
Do not miss this event! https://taccomcanada.com/

Join the CCFR at www.firearmrights.ca

Friday, 9 August 2019

A Right To Arms [Prof. John Robson] ~ 2016 docu

A Right To Arms - crowdfunded documentary by Canadian John Robson.

Evidence of Harm [ film on mercury in dentistry ]

"Evidence of Harm" film's website link here

November 26, 2016... on Facebook filmmaker notes... "after 20 years of living with this horrible disease, my dad recently passed away from Alzheimer's. His disease and death have changed the trajectory of my life. I went about trying to find what could have influenced the onset of the disease and found many studies in the scientific literature linking Mercury to Alzheimer's. I ended up creating an Oscar qualifying documentary, Evidence of Harm on the subject. I'm giving away FREE online access to over two hours of bonus material to anyone who is interested in learning about the links between#MERCURY and Alzheimer's disease. https://evidenceofharm.vhx.tv/…/evidence-of-harm-bonus-foot

ACL Books, Niki Raapana & Nordica Friedrich

"2020:  Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto" USA ..

its OK to be anti-communitarian.... #opt out from communitarian global agenda.

ACL Books http://nord.twu.net/acl
indie book publishers, Nordica Friedrich and Niki Raapana
Alaska USA - The Anti Communitarian League,
Dirty North Alliance.

Music: Dreaming - Unicorn Heads - 432 Hz tuning

Opposing Globalists & UN Agenda 2030 Fascism

#Stop Technocracy #Stop UN Agenda 2030
Listen to Patrick Wood's latest podcast:
"Technocracy News & Trends"

Who is Michael Thurlow? NSCLRP

Canadian politician - Michael hopes to run in the 2023 Election.
His party is National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party.
Twitter suspended his account in 2018.
Blogger.com deleted his blog.

The Baron UNB SJ's independant student newspaper printed then retracted:

  1. “Sex, Love, and Tomahawks” – The Baron — UNBSJ's Independent Student Press
  2. Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20180129001839/thebaron.ca/2018/01/25/sex-love-and-tomahawks
  3. Show more from web.archive.org

reproduced article from Indie Media Eastcoast Canada, publishing outside the CBC narrative at thislink:

CANZUK: Backdoor Wide Open Borders - Stephen Garvey, NCA

Stephen Garvey is leader of National Citizens Alliance - a new federal party.
Election is October 21, 2019

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Tantramar Landowners Association : Sackville's Ongoing Obsession with Social Engineering

Tantramar Landowners Association : Sackville's Ongoing Obsession with Social Engineer...: Student art sales at Mount Allison University Fine Arts Department

Dr. Magda Havas - The Truth About Wired & Wireless Technology

Dr. Magda Havas
important video link:  ----->- https://player.vimeo.com/video/8283238

Dr. Havas is an associate professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University where she teaches and does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants. Her research deals with the health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy at the extremely low frequency range associated with electricity (60 Hertz) and at the radio frequency range commonly associated with wireless telecommunication. Dr. Havas is particularly interested in monitoring exposure of the population in urban centres to radio frequency radiation and power-frequency fields. She is the author of numerous works on the subject. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, completed Post-Doctoral research at Cornell University, and taught at the University of Toronto before going to Trent University in Peterborough, Canada.  This video is copyrighted 2009 Lazarus Productions.

2013 timeframe letting Mount Allison University's The Argosy know.. only to be met with censorship... 

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada: White Advocates - White Voices

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada: White Advocates - White Voices: Mycroft Oeberlix 4 days ago To whom it may concern, Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We appreciate your commitment...

Students for Western Civilisation : SWCIV.COM - tshirts?

Students for Western Civilisation - artivism outside .. 2019..

 ... thanks George, tshirts would be great!

Global BEM - The Netherlands Conference - November 9 & 10, 2019

⚡️GLOBALBEM CONFERENCE 2019⚡️ PLEASE SHARE THIS POST Yes, we are exited to announce that we are working on the GlobalBEM 2019 event in November 9 & 10 in Breukelen, The Netherlands (10 min from Amsterdam). Mark these dates!. The GlobalBEM team is working hard to finalize the 2019 program with presentations from the best experts in the field of Breakthrough Energy. We will keep you in the loop about the program, the speakers, early bird ticket sales, etc. So be sure you are subscribed to our mailinglist: https://globalbem.com/mailinglist/

Police State: US Military Set To Monitor All Movement In USA

Patrick Wood, author of "Technocracy Rising" http://technocracy.news

The answer to the 'smart grid' is no grid [ globalbem.com ]

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Patrick Moore, Canadian Climate Scientist on Greta Thunberg, Teen Climate Hysteric

was digging on Greta Thunberg. “Why do you mention autism”. I replied, “because it is doubly evil to first use a child for politics and then use a child with a mental disorder”. Scott is not a journalist, he is a full-blown climate crisis activist.