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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Tim Ball - The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

Canada's Dr. Tim Ball gives a presentation for an American group.

Tim contributes regularly to Patrick Wood's great website:  technocracy.news

Dr. Ball's website is http://drtimball.com .. I cannot recommend his book enough "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science"

Technocracy News 4-15-19

Astronaut Ape - Astropath

Tantramar Landowners Association : Megan Mitton, Green Team, Green Dreams, Technocrac...

Tantramar Landowners Association : Megan Mitton, Green Team, Green Dreams, Technocrac...: Its unclear [ no street signage] as to where the offices are for  Megan Mitton - MLA/députée, Memramcook-Tantramar  ...

Axiom 2610 by Turkel Design


anti-white propaganda of mta.ca and sackville.com reminding others #itsokaytobewhite #eurocanadian http://eurocanadian.ca

Power Hour with Alex Epstein from 4/10/19

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: The Late Jonathan Bowden, England

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: The Late Jonathan Bowden, England

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Communitarianism.... Commenting at Wark Times arti...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Communitarianism.... Commenting at Wark Times arti...: read  http://nord.twu.net/acl/ebookdownload/2020_ebook.pdf  ...

One wonders how it is that Laura Reisborough imagines she has the authority to speak for all of the people in this region? Baffling.  Notice Prof. Michael Fox, the climate cult mta.ca professor, looks on and says nothing... perhaps he would like others in town know what he tells his students:  that rising sea levels will results in millions of climate refugees flooding Canada from South East Asia.. this is what he is teaching his students.. this and a whole lot more that would alarm most people if they knew.

Walk of Privilege - The Argosy


Technocracy News 4-15-19

Dark Times Ahead

Tantramar Landowners Association : Howling Into The Void About Fluoridation Across Ca...

Tantramar Landowners Association : Howling Into The Void About Fluoridation Across Ca...: If I was Queen for just one day ... I'd ban fluoridation for the crime that it is.... I moved to the Maritimes in 2007 ...

Magna Carta Documentary, 2015 [promo]

Tantramar Landowners Association : Coming this year more Global Breakthrough Energy Movement

Tantramar Landowners Association : Coming this year more Global Breakthrough Energy M...: You might like to get your custom order buttons too... at local "Dave's Rock Emporium" -- $10 for 5 and share them with others...

Magna Carta Our Shared Legacy of Liberty

Propaganda 101 : Deceiving Demons

Patrick Moore - The Power of Truth

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore gives a keynote address to the Economic Education Association of Alberta's 6th annual "Freedom School" conference, on "Things that Matter: An Agenda for Alberta", about changing the world by speaking the truth - in this case about the science, policy and politics of man-made global warming

Patrick Moore on Twitter https://twitter.com/EcoSenseNow

thanks to John Robson for the video upload.

The Global Warming War - Official Trailer

Power Hour with Alex Epstein from 4/10/19

Power Hour with Alex Epstein - Center for Industrial Progress


Sunday, 14 April 2019

South Africa Begins The Purge

Published on Dec 13, 2018
The South African government is pushing forward it's plans for land confiscation and is openly calling for death and violence now more than ever before.

For more content please visit:

Twitter: @squattingslavt
Instagram: squattingslavtv

Saturday, 13 April 2019

PCC Event Mocks White Culture

Portland Washington USA..

"Whiteness history month" speaker says "White people always say 'i don't have a culture'. That's part of the power. 'I don't have a culture, because I'm normal'." She says, mocking whites. "They have to honor where they came from, so if they came from, probably European, so Italian families and German, they can celebrate their own... (mockingly). It's important for the white people to say they have a culture, because if they don't have a culture, that means that we are the dominant culture. 'Because we're normal, other people have cultures'. And that's why we have to have them come in and realize they have a culture. So they have to celebrate where they were from, Germany or France or wherever". Part of Portland Community College's "whiteness history month

Anti-white lecture at UNB Canada FULL

This lecture entitled "What does whiteness do?" was given by Dr. Erin Morton as a part of the "Feminist lunch series" seminars at the University of New Brunswick on January 22, 2018. It features terms now in use in Canadian academia, such as "decolonization" and "indigenization".

More Patrick Moore... less fear porn about co2 in 2019 folks.. stop upsetting the children

I am a volunteer at the CO2 Coalition. And I do not hate fossil fuels or the people that produce them for you and me. They are providing reliable, low-cost energy, 80-85% of all the energy to run civilization. Do you hate them even though you need them?

12 Things Introverts Are Best At Doing

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized ...

Safe Water Moncton [ Facebook ] .. fluoridation free since 2011

Council of European Canadians - Ricardo Duchesne in Conversation .. Part 1

Friday, 12 April 2019

A Conversation With Ricardo Duchesne: Part I

by Grégoire Canlorbe

Grégoire Canlorbe: In your eyes, the European civilization of the White man has been systemically downsized by contemporary world historians—to name but a few, Patrick O’Brien, Sebastian Conrad, or Ian Morris. Could you develop?

Ricardo Duchesne: At this point in time, the downplaying of European civilization goes well beyond the observations I made in The Uniqueness of Western Civilization (2011). The globalist establishment is no longer satisfied with the replacement of Western Civ courses, which were part of the standard curriculum in North America for much of the twentieth century, with Multicultural World History surveys that emphasize “reciprocal connections within the globe.” The academic establishment is no longer satisfied instructing students that European achievements can only be understood in connection with the rest of the world’s cultures, that Muslims were key creators of the West no less than Christians, that the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution, were world historical affairs, that Europe only managed to industrialize thanks to the resources and hard labor of Africans and Aboriginals. That is no longer enough, they are now insisting, as I indicated in my second book, Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age (2017), that Europeans don’t have a distinctive identity because they have been mixing racially for thousands of years as a result of migratory movements. They are forcing their students to equate the current state-sponsored immigration movements from the Third World, purposely aimed at diversifying all White nations, with internal European migrations that occurred over the course of many centuries. They are trying to strip Europeans of any sense of ethnic identity, by making them believe that the race-mixing globalists are incessantly promoting today is a natural continuation of migratory movements thousands of years ago.

Rather than truthfully teaching students that the genetic makeup of Europeans, before diversity was imposed a few decades ago, remained very stable for most of their history, with next to zero genetic additions from Africans and Asians, they are indoctrinating them to believe that African/Asian-looking peoples were the original migrant-inhabitants of Europe. They are saying that Europeans were not indigenous to Europe, that this continent was the creation of waves of immigrants from outside Europe. They are extending the same false argument they have been making about the settler nations of America, Canada, and Australia — “Nations of Immigrants” — to all White nations. Yet, this argument does not even hold for these settler nations. As I argued in my best-selling book,Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians (2017), Canada was not a nation of immigrants but a nation built from the ground up by settlers and indigenous Quebecois, Acadians, and Anglo Loyalists. The same goes for America, Australia, and New Zealand; they were founded by White settlers who created a uniquely indigenous culture in these homelands.

Let it be said that these arguments are not being made by world historians alone, or by typically crazed academics in some half-baked field — what we now identify as “Grievance Studies.” What is so disconcerting (see Deceptive Use of Scientific Data to Promote Ethnocide of Europeans) is that academics in the natural sciences, population geneticists, archaeologists, paleogeneticists, and evolutionary biologists, are deceptively interpreting their otherwise objectively gathered findings (that there were intra-European migratory movements thousands of years ago) as if these movements consisted of non-Whites from Asia and Africa. They are arguing that these movements demonstrate there is no such thing as a uniquely German, a uniquely Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, or British people, because “all Europeans are already a mishmash of repeated ancient migrations” from non-European lands. But this is not true; what has been really documented is that there was some degree of intra-European racial mixing over the course of many centuries of migrations and invasions. It has also been documented that there was a “massive migratory movement” from the “Pontic-Steppes”, but these migrants were none other than the Indo-Europeans, once known as “Aryans”, and they did not come from “Asia” since the Pontic Steppes are part of the continent of Europe, and these migrants were White. The only migrants who came from outside Europe were the Anatolian farmers who started colonizing southern Europe about 8800 years ago, who did have some genetic impact on Spain, Italy, and Greece... [ continue reading at the original link for the article link here ] 


Friday, 12 April 2019

Clown World Episode 2 | They Honk

Faith J. Goldy for Fluoride Free Toronto

Faith J. Goldy for Fluoride Free Toronto - Safe Drinking Water Advocate - Ontario Canada

We are lucky to have Faith J. Goldy in our movement for safe drinking water!

Facebook and Instagram have deleted Faith from their platforms!  "Big Tech" bullying is happening a lot.. censorship is a huge problem!

I have experienced a lot of censorship and attacks since I started to work on this issue as well .. 22 facebook bans of 30 days each!!  Twitter deleted me too.

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: National Citizens Alliance - Federal Political Par...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: National Citizens Alliance - Federal Political Par...: National Citizens Alliance supports a moratorium on immigration to deal with the 11 year plus backlog, screening issues, and illegal migra...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: It Will Be Illegal To Criticize Migration

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: It Will Be Illegal To Criticize Migration

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Lenore Zann's Plastic Bag Ban Crusade - Nova Scoti...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Lenore Zann's Plastic Bag Ban Crusade - Nova Scoti...: [Facebook photos] [this group protest is not concerned with "Safe Water Halifax" facebook... FYI] I have never understo...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Keeping up with " Vivian Krause - Fair Questions "...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Keeping up with " Vivian Krause - Fair Questions "...: Vivian Krause, a Canadian researcher, advocate, and mother is featured in this article at

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Safe Water Halifax - Facebook Project

Photo found on Facebook of 'respect treaty rights support water protectors' marching in downtown in Halifax Nova Scotia.  Question:  why do these so-called water protectors ignore the drinking water fluoridation issue entirely?  I have to ask if they have an alternate agenda? I think they do... if you think I'm kidding.. I'm not.  I wish I was.  Just ask "Safe Water Halifax" how much support the 'native community' has given them.

If you have friends and allies working with the 'natives' let them know this... if they are truly water protectors they would get on this issue...

Shawn Paul Melville - Canada - CIN


Shawn Paul Melville - Twitter https://twitter.com/shawningarmor?lang=no
writes:  " Politicians have a way with words that soothe their supporters into docile obedience. Civilian Intelligence Network contributor Simone Georges breaks it down in a new piece "Politicians & Newspeak". Trudeau and Bernier are cut from the same Alinsky cloth. "

Welcome to the Civilian Intelligence Network. This network consists of like-minded individuals that have come together with the intention of promoting Canadian patriotism and unity. Our goal is to help inform Canadians about the political landscape and those within our government whose intentions are to erode Canadian Sovereignty. Our members may not necessarily ascribe to the same political ideals and are not a group devoted to promoting any one candidate or party. Instead, we like to think of ourselves as researchers with one common goal: uncovering and releasing information that has been withheld from the Canadian public. This is an open source network and it does not advocate one single political opinion or view, it does not limit free speech or expect its members to adhere to a single set of doctrines. This network serves but one single purpose: to expose the truth. Our vision is to keep the Canadian political arena in check.
We are witnessing unprecedented levels of media censorship and disclosure. Ethical reporting, the cornerstone of our democracy, is no longer viable. Mainstream media no longer adheres to basic principles of journalism and its obligation to tell the truth, remain loyal to its citizens, and be independent from those they report on. They have evolved into organizations built to favour those with targeted agendas. Independent “news” sources too are becoming hyper mouthpieces for their own political assertions. There are YouTubers who have signed non-disclosure agreements with the PPC and replicate the PPC narrative, while insulting others who may act to provide constructive criticism, and behave combatively to gain viewership. There are “independent journalists” who have now become aspiring politicians risking their entire future, on saying nothing.
The central purpose of ethical reporting is to provide citizens with accurate and reliable information they need to function in a free society. This network serves this purpose. We are the bearers of information, social hot potatoes, using the only platform left available to us in the digital commons, Twitter. Twitter itself has become hostile to people with shared values often called “conservative”. However, people identifying from both left and right spectrum have seen themselves alienated for expressing views that are not entirely political, but factual.
We are equally taking to task any party or politician that violates the public trust. We must hold to account the Big Tech giants holding the digital commons hostage, specifically in violation of the communications decency act section 230. Big Tech has third party immunity from crimes that occur online, however, they have never had the right to censor. In this network you are not obliged to bring anything. You do not have to ask to take anything. What we have is information, what we lack is a public with discernment. We do not require central leadership, constant attention, or anyone’s approval. We will leave that for the cults.
Welcome Patriots and Friends!

Webinar: The Classic Lindal Home

Moms Against Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 in Canada

A voice outside their narrative for the people for freedom & liberty..
http://sackvilleuncensored.blogspot.ca Read http://nord.twu.net/acl

'Unplanned' is the Story of Abby Johnson You Have to Hear to Believe

What if higher CO2 concentrations are actually good for plant growth?

Unplanned: Sneak Peek

Sappyfest New Brunswick Canada

Vivian Krause - "the campaign against Alberta oil is not about the envir...

Princeton Physicist says Climate Change Science has become a Cult and Mo...

Professor William Happer .. USA

Transforming Transmania and the World, One Law at a Time

Agenda 2030, zero respect for human life... and nature...