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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Butts White-Knighting for Barbie | Parody Twitter Account Suspended

Canada's Globalist Nightmare

'The Corrupt Banking System' by Victoria Grant - Canada

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement - globalbem.com

Decay of Canada discussion with Prof. Ricardo Duchesne and Stephen Garvey

National Citizens Alliance is a federal political party led by Stephen Garvey.

Council of European Canadians is a cultural education group led by Prof. Duchesne.

More at eurocanadian.ca / nationalcitizensalliance.ca ... putting Canadians first.

Impact To Contact The Shag Harbour Incident

video mirrored from "Indie Media Eastcoast" youtuber .. check out Shag Harbour Festival August 3-5, 2018.. http://shagharbourincident.com/

thanks Chris & Graham..read Arcadia House Publishing .. https://www.facebook.com/ArcadiaHouse...
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Canada Owes The World Nothing: a Radical Notion?

reject globalism. http://eurocanadian.ca - Prof. Ricardo Duchesne
check out http://nationalcitizensalliances.ca - Stephen Garvey

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Radical Social Justice Agenda

More of Prof. Ricardo Duchesne's work at eurocanadian.ca

Smash Cultural Marxism -  facebook page

Dr. David Duke | TPS #56

Streamed live 17 hours ago
A discussion with the historian and author who has had the most influence on current discourse about identity in western civilization.

David Duke: https://davidduke.com/

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Beautiful People in New Brunswick Canada

An indie photography project since 2011 .. people are great xo

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sick, Evil Agenda Underway in Canada - National Citizens Alliance Event


Sick, Evil Agenda Underway in Canada - Stephen Garvey, National Citizens Alliance

This video excerpt is from the Professor Ricardo Duchesne, author of Canada in Decay, presentation at the National Citizens Alliance Forum in Saint John, New Brunswick. 

Professor Duchesne discusses Pierre Trudeau's attack on Anglo Canada, and the current attack on Quebec culture. Stephen J Garvey shares from feedback and commentary on the globalist agenda being imposed on the Canadian people from above.


Radical Social Justice Agenda - Prof. Ricardo Duchesne

Prof. Duchesne's website:  http://eurocanadian.ca

Radical Social Justice Agenda - Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, UNB
"White Canadians don't know what is awaiting them."
This video excerpt is from the Professor Ricardo Duchesne presentation at the National Citizens Alliance Forum in Saint John, New Brunswick.  Social justice and globalist extremism is discussed, and what it means for our children. The outlook does not look good for Canada, in particular Euro-Canadian families. 

The National Citizens Alliance stands fully in opposition to the globalist agenda that includes mass immigration and radical social justice. 


Sunday, 10 June 2018

"Bringing It Home Movie" - Hemp History Week - 2018 - Tantramar Landowners Association

"Hemp History Week" June 4-10, 2018 in partnership with Tantramar Landowners Association presents....

"Bringing It Home Movie" -- screenings available or watch at this link pay per view link https://vimeo.com/ondemand/bringingithomemovie

Tell your friends.. Hemp is Hope... for a Greener Future xo


Radical Left and Globalists Exposed - Stephen Garvey, NCA

This video is of the live radio interview of Stephen J Garvey NCA Party Founder and Leader by Rick Howe from Halifax News 95.7.

Strangely, the interview is not available in the Rick Howe archives online. Fortunately, a NCA member from the Maritimes recorded this interview today. We are seeking an explanation from Rick Howe as to why the interview is not available in the show's archives. 

[Thanks for mentioning UNB Professor Ricardo Duchesne's work at eurocanadian.ca in this interview Stephen]

Please share your feedback at www.nationalcitizensalliance.ca

Saturday, 9 June 2018

United Nations and the towns that submit to their authority

I wonder how many Canadian small towns fly the United Nations flag like sackville.com does? Perhaps its the influence of mta.ca on the culture & behaviour of people in this town that has them fully submitting to the U.N.? Very odd.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Warning to Canadian Nationalists: Don’t Be Played

Warning to Canadian Nationalists: Don’t Be Played <--- click link for article by Tim Murray of the "Council of European Canadians" eurocanadian.ca....

excerpt: "In case you haven’t heard, Canada has a border crisis on its hands. To all but the wilfully blind, the deceitful deniers and the dangerously delusional, it is blatantly evident that growing numbers of migrants are deliberately and flagrantly in contravention of Canadian border law and international treaties.

It is clear that where Roxham Road in Champlain, NY meets Quebec, our laws are not being enforced, our generosity is being abused and our border is wide open to anyone who wants to walk in and avail themselves of the friendly assistance of the Royal Canadian Mounted Bellhop Police. It is also obvious that the offending migrants knew the drill coming in. They knew that if they crossed the border in defiance of explicit do-not-enter signs, they would be arrested and detained, but by mere virtue of declaring refugee status on Canadian soil, they would also be given a hearing, something that under the terms of the Safe Third Country agreement, they wouldn’t get had they chosen an official port of entry. Most, by the way, are Nigerians who entered the United States with the fraudulent intent to acquire visas that would allow them to travel to an unguarded section of the Canadian border. For them, the United States was just a transit point, a stepping stone to the hospitable welfare state to the north."

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Secure The Frontier! Protéger Nos Frontières! Faith Goldy

Faith's recent "#border action now" with others at the border entry point into Canada at the end of Roxham Road, Quebec, Canada was well attended and peaceful... Find other videos online of the gathering opposing the constant stream of people 'walking into Canada' and claiming refugee status [open border] at the rate of 500-600 per day -- 200,000 per year .. many Canadians are opposed to it.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

What is Traditionalism?

The Breakthrough Energy Movement

More at globalbem.com .. open source intelligence networking xo

Mothering.. xo


Leaf Identification Chart - Hemp - Canada in Decay

Hemp plant and other plants here ... June 4-10, 2018 is Hemp History Week --- http://hemphistoryweek.com

And here.. hemp is medicine, hemp is hope ..

Maple leaf not shown on the chart above is found here on the cover of the book "Canada in Decay:  Mass Immigration, Diversity and the Ethnocide of EuroCanadians" from UK Black House Publishing's best-seller by Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, of University of New Brunswick, Canada - Saint John Campus.

Monday, 4 June 2018

SS2020 & the communitarian planners who promote it

Chaired by a local religious studies professor at mta.ca
Sackville Schools 2020 is favored by the local mayor...
its more meddlesome work from communitarian planners / schemers

Please be advised this blogger activism for the youth in our schools is NOT supportive of, nor associated with, SS2020... in fact, this province-wide initiative was started in 2011 by a concerned citizen who has been "excluded" from SS2020 due to questions asked of them that they apparently didn't wish to answer.

I'm always suspicious of the kinds of 'initiatives' with 2020 attached to them and would not support, join in, promote them etc..... I think the removal of the fluoride rinse at the local elementary school a few years ago was a success.  Read this recent study shared at Fluoride Action Network fluoride exposure and intelligence loss in children.. The Simple Truth is that I'm probably not going to receive any acknowledgment ever for my considerable efforts on educating others on this problematic province-wide school programme of adminstering weekly oral sodium fluoride rinse to youngster in our NB schools [since 1979] but I am confident that I am a successful activist in my own right plan to continue advocacy.

Since I do prefer to question the status quo and I like to read and do my own self-directed research I have always and only encouraged others to do the same...

Suggested research:  http://nord.twu.net/acl .. "2020:  Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto" by Niki Raapana & Nordica Friedrich, ACL Books, Alaska USA

Advocating the opt-out of 'community programmes' and 'community schemes' is always a more productive use of my time.  The 'rinse programme' was a mistake.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Patriots Rally To Secure Border in Quebec!

Organizer Faith Goldy today at the Quebec/NY border video reporter Ronny Cameron and other patriots from Quebec, Ontario and various parts of Canada join up.  Faith has been reporting about the ongoing crisis of this Roxham Road pipeline for an 'open border' of illegal migrants flooding in through to Quebec from New York state at the rate of 600 per day [200,000 year] and wants to see Canadian law respected and people turned away not welcomed in to the country. Opposing mass immigration is a wise policy especially if these people just 'walking in' are not properly vetted.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

The history of water Fluoridation by Griffin Cole, DDS, IAOMT

Renowned fluoride expert Dr Griffin Cole shares his vast expertise on the

history of fluoridation to the general session of the 2016 joint meeting of

the IAOMT and IABDM in Reno, Nevada, USA.

Love Orgonite Wilhelm Reich Nikola Tesla John Searl Impact to Contact Hemp Back to Eden Film

Stay curious kiddos and stay creative.

Love Orgonite https://www.facebook.com/lo...
SEG Magnetics http://segmagnetics.com
John Searl Story http://johnsearlstory.com 
Hemp History Week: http://hemphistoryweek.com
Patrick Wood http://technocracy.news
Global BEM ... http://globalbem.com 
Niki Raapana & Nordica Friedrich - http://nord.twu.net/acl 
Alex Epstein's "Human Flourishing Project" http://alexepstein.com
Jason Verbelli http://verbelli.blogspot.com 
J.D. King - Blue Beats Green .. https://vimeo.com/147512776
Back to Eden Film - http://backtoedenfilm.com
Marko Rodin, Vortex Based Mathematics
Free Energy & Free Thinking - http://feandft.com
"Impact to Contact: The Shag Harbour UFO Incident" -- Arcadia House Publishing Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Hemp History Week - June 4-10, 2018 with Tantramar Landowners Association.
Tell Your Friends.  Hemp is Hope. Hemp is Jobs. Hemp is Agriculture.