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Saturday, 5 May 2018

You Are Now On Treaty Land?

Reading this recommended article on Treaty talk here you get the distinct impression that things are not right in Canada .. the narrative has become decidedly anti-white and anti-European .. the narrative is divisive to say the least.

"..... Clearly, a radical new way to interpret treaties was being proposed. And it is wrong.
With the exception of Indian Reserves, as defined by the Indian Act, the prairies are not “treaty land”. The land was surrendered long ago for compensation by the Indigenous people who had hunted on it, for an agreed upon amount of compensation.
Here is the essential history of the prairie treaties:
The treaties that are referred to as the “numbered treaties” were negotiated after the enactment of The Indian Act in 1876. In each case, negotiators sent by Ottawa met with the groups affected and successfully reached an agreement whereby the land was surrendered to the Crown on terms, which included compensation. Land was set aside for reserves. The Indigenous people had a choice of living on a reserve, or entering the mainstream and living like any other Canadian. Hunting and similar rights were stipulated. The monetary compensation was paltry by today’s standards, but the fact is that $5 per person per year was a significant amount of money then. The terms were agreed to by both parties. Today, Treaty Day is an annual celebration on First Nations communities, with $5 bills distributed by people dressed in the garb of yesterday. ... " 

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