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Friday, 25 May 2018

Dr. Ricardo Duchesne, UNB SJ with Stephen Garvey, National Citizens Alliance

The event was held in a beautiful historic church "St. Andrew & St. David" on Germain St. in downtown Saint John NB.  It was a pleasure to meet both Ricardo Duchesne, a professor at University of New Brunswick, and a best-selling author, along with Stephen Garvey and others who joined the talk and Q&A.

More about National Citizens Alliance at their website and at their facebook page
NB: The website has been experiencing hacking problems I have been advised so if you are unable to access it please check out their facebook page and twitter.

More on "Council of European Canadians" with Prof. Duchesne here
His books are "The Uniqueness of Western Civilization" 2011 [Brill], "Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age", 2017 [Arktos] and "Canada in Decay:  Mass Immigration, Diversity and the Ethnocide of EuroCanadians" 2017 [Black House Publishing UK]

Professor Duchesne greeting Stephen Garvey founder of National Citizens Alliance.

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