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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Safe Water Moncton - New Brunswick [now on Facebook]

Activists including Jennifer Jones [Moncton teacher] are attempting to convince the current mayor/council of Moncton New Brunswick to continue the current practice of not fluoridating the water supply after five year pilot project of not using hydrofluosilicic acid to 'improve dental' health by putting it into the bodies of humans and animals .. and for that matter plants/food ....  I found this article by CBC's reporter Tori Weldon of Sackville NB .. link here online.... what's interesting to me is that Ms. Weldon, a young mother of two, does not bother to actually properly define 'fluoride' .. which is inaccurate reporting and is very unhelpful .. perhaps if she bothered to speak to me she could get informed and educated on this topic .. I know she is aware of my work in this area so is this really journalism or just another 'hack' employed by CBC?  Boycott the CBC .. it is an arm the technocracy that is government funded and controlled -- not for the people and not in our collective best interests at this point ... sad .. I think woefully inept non-factual reporting serves no humans at this point and I propose #defunding CBC...   Hydrofluorosilic acid is not good for your health nor is it a necessary additive... it was removed five years ago for good reason... and its unlawful and unethical to add harmful chemicals to the public drinking water.  Period.

Hard to believe that Tori makes a living doing this 'reporting' .. but apparently, less information is good for the plebs out there .. not more .. thanks to Jennifer Jones for fighting the good fight.. unpaid, of course.  Note to Tori:  try a little harder to be useful honey... it might actually help the humans who live around here.

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