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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Occupy Unmasked [ an expose by Andrew Breitbart, USA ]

Canada had its own organized 'leftist' movement called Occupy as well ... I know because they banned me from their Occupy Fredericton Facebook page because free speech bothers them a lot ... like all lefties [collectivists] .. this experience was my introduction to how these people operate and bully others.. while pretending they represent everyone .. they ultimately are social change agents who practice groupthink.

To understand more about 'community organizers' check out this more recent film .... click here http://alinkskyfilm.com [ USA ] A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ... Saul Alinsky, an American 'radical' .. [a man who visited Canada in the 60s to meet with natives and tell them they needed to get rid of the Indian Act]

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