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Small Towns Turning Brown

Published on Jun 15, 2019
Small towns turning brown, no where left to run.
World majorities chasing down our elderly, to them it's fun.
Everywhere a foreign tongue, a foreign song is sung.
Hardly containing their celebration, convinced they've all but won.
Heaving grief, heaving groceries, seven years worth at least.
Cans of expired yellow pea soup will make a splendid feast.
The days of our lives, as the soap opera goes, are as grains of sand.
Leaving your bike laying around, letting go of a child's hand,
were luxuries, not guarantees.
You foolish disciples of the Pharisees.
You gave up without a fight so that you could have a life of ease.
The fruit of betrayal, no safe streets left to walk upon.
Everything you took for granted, is now gone.

EuroCanadian: Mission Statement

Founded by best-selling author Ricardo Duchesne.. former UNB SJ professor.

Ottawa House By The Sea - Nova Scotia Canada

Mount Allison University Indigenizes Cucked Campus

What is indigenize? What is decolonization? What is unceded territory?

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Citizens Intelligence Network ... Johanne Mennie /...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Citizens Intelligence Network ... Johanne Mennie /...: So these are your "Choices for October 21, 2019&...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: "Fair Pensions For All" - Bill Tufts - Twitter

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: "Fair Pensions For All" - Bill Tufts - Twitter: Bill Tufts ‏   @BillTufts   Feb 7 More UN Globalism in 3 easy steps Bill Tufts with Danielle Smith … #a...

The Elites Think You're Stupid : Faith Goldy

Tantramar Landowners Association : "Resurrection Europa" on Land Claims in Canada

Tantramar Landowners Association : "Resurrection Europa" on Land Claims in Canada: ☨ Resurrection Europa    �� ‏   @WolfishHead   22m 22 minutes ago More Over 3000 private properties in Canada might be handed ove...

Friday, 21 June 2019

Battle Brewing: Public Trust In Vaccine Safety Is Eroding

Dumbing Down Of A Population - Mercury & Fluoridation

MUST WATCH: Girl TRIGGERS audience at City Meeting

Environmental Scientist Declan Waugh presentation at Otago 2018

Tantramar Landowners Association Transmissions... 2019

#carbon tax is theft
#the science is not settled
New Brunswick Canada

"Ode to Son" - Mark Brahmin @

"Ode to Son" by Mark Brahmin 

Aye, to you I bestow this life,
You, my beloved, precious son,
life obtained through greatest strife,
And with it all my victories won,

To you this heirloom is imparted,
All that is good and all that is true,
Only you continue what I started,
All of which was started for you,

Aye, it was for you that I created,
It was for you I dared to last,
It was for you I loved or hated.
It was for you that I surpassed.

And yet this life that I sowed,
This path that I have showed,
And by greatest toil bestowed,
Is, yes, also to your father owed.

My blood in which your genius is found,
You are called upon this to defend,
But by no other chain are you bound,
If only you live always to this end.

Yet as you are by me possessed,
So also me you likewise possess
And with a power unguessed,
Which enemies tremble to assess.

For this greatness feel never shame,
Unless its power has gone to waste,
For this greatness accept never blame
For survival is upon greatness based.

And never believe in fated decline,
Or that all things must turn to sand,
For you are the sun, not the vine,
The seasons: at your command.

The National Policy Institute video for a 2016 event, 

Poem credit: "Ode to Son" by Mark Brahmin

Trudeau 2.0: Who Does He Really Work For?

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Germany's Green Party Pledges To Ban ALL Industrial Farming

What does Canadians First mean?

What does Canadians First mean? Why is it important?

Insight into the need to put our people first.

NCA will be in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick from June 22 to June 29 to raise awareness of the importance of putting Canadians First:

15 Eco-Efficient Dome Homes | Eco-Luxury Dome Homes

Reich Tesla Russell Fuller Searl Verbelli Global BEM Orgonite Hemp

Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we've been ignorant of their value.

-- Bucky Fuller

Brutally Honest Valedictorian Regrets Being Top of the Class

Powerful words of wisdom.

Ricardo Duchesne - The Uniqueness of Western Civilization Ch. 01 The Fal...

Joseph Gregory Hallett's Claim Against #flat lie royals -

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : War being waged by the usual suspects...

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : War being waged by the usual suspects...:

Nick Griffin blasts EU over European genocide

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : Twitter, Gay Pride Policing, Indigenous Confusion,...

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : Twitter, Gay Pride Policing, Indigenous Confusion,...: Twitter is constantly humourous even when they're not trying to be... sit back and enjoy the shitshow from a distance... delete your Twi...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Citizens Intelligence Network - Universities Role ...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Citizens Intelligence Network - Universities Role ...: Soros’ Quiet Revolution Through Liberal Elite Higher Education Cesspools

Revolt Against the Modern World : Xurious

Stop UN Agenda 2030 Technocracy

Reich Tesla Russell Fuller Searl Verbelli Global BEM Orgonite Hemp

URGENT WARNING ~ Media Release: Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs

Poseidon’s Message of Hope | No White Guilt

"Cultural Conversations" Ricardo Duchesne Pulls No Punches " Canada in Decay "

Author Ricardo Duchesne, recently retired from the University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus and founder of [ Council of European Canadians ] best-seller since its release in 2017 to date ...

Canada In Decay is the first scholarly book questioning the undemocratic policy of mass immigration and racial diversification in Canada. The entire Canadian political establishment, the mainstream media and the academics, are all in harmonious unison with the banks and corporations, in promoting two myths to justify mass immigration.
The first myth this book demolishes is the claim that immigration into Canada “enriches the country”, by demonstrating that mass immigration is not only leading to Euro-Canadians becoming a small minority in their own homeland, but because of the disparity in the birth-rate, the Euro-Canadian population is likely to become almost extinct.
The second myth this book demolishes is the regularly repeated claim that Canada is a “nation of immigrants” by demonstrating that Canada was founded by Indigenous Quebecois, Acadians, and English speakers.
This book also exposes the rewriting of Canada’s history in the media, schools, and universities, as an attempt to rob Euro-Canadians of their own history by inventing a past that conforms to the ideological goals of a future multiracial and multicultural Canada.
Canada In Decay explains the origins of the ideology of immigrant multiculturalism and the inbuilt radicalizing nature of this ideology, and argues that the “theory of multicultural citizenship” is marred by a double standard which encourages minorities to affirm their collective cultural rights while Euro-Canadians are excluded from affirming theirs.
“Canada In Decay is a bold, compelling, and often devastating deconstruction of the Left-Liberal narrative which has dominated Canadian politics since the 1970’s. It is bound to put on the defensive both the politically correct Left and the globalist Right not just in Canada but across the entire western world.” — Grant Havers, author of Leo Strauss and Anglo-American Democracy: A Conservative Critique

Declining Population Myth

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Global BEM Conference 2019 - The Netherlands

Published on Jun 19, 2019
November 9 & 10, 2019 in The Netherlands details at

CCFR Radio Episode 41 - June 11, 2019

Published on Jun 11, 2019
A fascinating conversation with New Zealand's Mike Loder. Don't miss this one!!

Join the fight right now, become a member or donate at

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Pope Francis Shames Global Warming Deniers

The pope is the last person on Earth I would take science advice from. Didn’t his church have something to do with the Inquisition, burning women, abusing children, denying Darwin, imprisoning Galileo, & preying on the poor while pretending to love them?

I Know How We Can Hurt Them

Book Review: Titans Are In Town by Tomislav Sunic

Threat to the Canadian People - Canada in Decay,

May 23, 2018 in Saint John New Brunswick - book talk event.

UNB SJ - Professor Ricardo Duchesne.. founder of

Canadian facts, not feels...

Council of European Canadians, Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

European Canadians make up three-quarters of the Canadian population but there has been no group advocating our interests in the national dialogue.

The rise of special interest groups from other cultures and regions, and growing attacks on European concepts of law, liberty, economics and identity, now require a response

The Council of European Canadians is a group of public-minded individuals who believe the European heritage and character of Canada should be maintained and enhanced. 

We are not a white nationalist group, but we do believe in Euro-Canadian identity politics within the framework of the group rights afforded by multiculturalism in Canada.

Public participation is welcomed. 

"Man Made" - Mark Brahmin - Apollonian Transmission & Xurious - UNB / Hickey & Duchesne

Mark Brahmin .. deleted from youtube this week in the purge ..
Mark @
[video credit to NPI/Richard Spencer]
Music by Xurious UK

From the Department of Ministry of Acceptable Opinions June 2019...

Pictured in the glasses Patrick Hickey, UNB-SRC student representative council president, told Global News his "feels" about Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, UNB Saint John Campus and its not clear if Hickey has read any of Duchesne's books but one thing is for sure Hickey is 'triggered' and by shaming a tenured long time professor but not actually discussing his ideas Hickey displays weak behaviour: [ Patrick is considered a 'leader' in today's society; but he's a political activist in reality ]

“It’s really quite shameful for the university to have that reputation here on campus and for him [Duchesne]
 to be interacting with students”

"white supremicist" is the kill shot delivered to shut people up who defend white well being and white rights.

Last year UNB was in the news:

Again this year claims of  campus "white supremacist" ..
UNB - SRC rep. was last seen at a Maritimes event pandering to minorities at a Blanket Ceremony and getting training for "cultural competency" .. whatever that means... Note: "GOTV" is an American website.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Yes, It Is Possible To Outwit The Surveillance State!

Global BEM - November 9 & 10, 2019 - The Netherlands

.. because the answer to the SMARTgrid of the technocrats ...

is no grid..

Conference 2019 promotional work indie style ..

They Always Use the Kids to Control the Adults

Children are indoctrinated to walk out and wag fingers at bad adults for thought crime, green crime, environment crime.
Kids are indoctrinated to say it's a problem of dirty individuals rather than massive corporations.

Who is in control of you?
Who is indoctrinating your kids?
What is the meaning of your life?
What dignity are you willing to give up for safety?

- Charlie Veitch, UK [ founder of "The Love Police" ]

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Standing with Senator Lynn Beyak

Stand with Senator Lynn Beyak, a Canadian Senator with courage and integrity.

Safe Water Halifax - Facebook - Canada - Safe Water Advocacy for the HRM

The water fluoridation programme affects over 1/4 citizens and their pets in the HRM - and I have been promoting this page since 2014.  Perhaps this year people will have more concern about this issue but I don't here CBC making much noise on it .. do you?  Its time Canadians did some research and learned the truth...


Dana Landry has been working hard, with no funding, to promote safe drinking water and wellness in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada... Her Facebook page has many interesting contributors including this recent post:


I graduated from dental school in 1972 and the dental schools water fluoridation educational curriculum has not changed since then. To be licensed in Oklahoma and other states a dentist has to gra
duate from a dental school that is accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). For a dental school to be accredited by the ADA that school has to meet the very strict curriculum requirements of the ADA. All accredited dental schools are just carbon copies of each other so it doesn’t matter which ADA accredited dental school one attends as they are all the same except maybe for the color of the wallpaper. 

In dental school, one day during one of our preventative dentistry courses, only a very few minutes was devoted to telling us students that “fluoridated drinking water reduced and prevented tooth decay and it was safe and caused no bodily harm.” If a student said something about hearing that fluoride was a toxic chemical and should not be added to the drinking water we were instructed very explicitly that it is the dentists who are the “experts” and that the public does not know anything about fluoride and that fluoride was safe and that anyone who disagreed was unscientific, misinformed, a fear monger and should be seriously denigrated…and if we ever expected to graduate from dental school we had darn well better defend water fluoridation and never question it. 

That was it, no book, no PowerPoint, no tests, no nothing…just this brief statement one day. 
That was the total amount of “facts” we students were taught about water fluoridation science. The ADA does not want dentists to know truthful, accurate and undistorted water fluoridation science so they intentionally keep it out of the dental school curriculum and instead just supply dentist with rehearsed scripted messages to spout. The public and most dentists unfortunately hold it that this very brief indoctrination (brainwashing) dentists are given in dental school somehow makes dentist fluoridation “experts.” 

Since the ADA controls the dental school curriculum, as well as dentistry in general, a potential dental student has to first pass the ADA’s Dental Aptitude Test to be accepted to a dental school. Another ADA test has to be passed to advance to the third year and again at the end of the fourth year to graduate. Then a dentist has to graduate from an ADA accredited school to be licensed. Then there is the back door the ADA has into all the state dental boards. 

Dentist take what they learn in dental school as Gospel Truth. We are taught many very specific procedures and techniques for treating tooth decay and gum diseases. We don’t deviate. We do as we are taught. If we expect to graduate from dental school we had darn well do as we are told and taught. If we don’t do as taught, we fail. This water fluoridation scenario is the same. Dentists don’t question their dental school fluoridation teachings, they take it as GOSPEL TRUTH which means that dentists will attack and denigrate anyone who is opposed to fluoridation. These ADA controlled dental schools are very good at turning out very skilled and professional dentists…but these schools are total failures at turning out anything that even remotely resembles a “fluoridation expert.”

Because of the American Dental Association’s control over dental schools there is no such thing as a scientifically accurate Water Fluoridation 101 course taught in any dental school in this country, and there never has been. Should any dentists approach you with that pretense that they are the “experts,” I suggest you ask them to document their qualifications and have them show you on their dental school course transcript where their fluoride coursework is documented. Also ask them to document if they have taken any continuing education courses on water fluoridation since their graduation from dental school. They won’t be able to provide any documentation as no courses have ever existed. The public has been misled into believing that dentists are water fluoridation “experts” when in fact that is clearly not the case. Dentists are so far removed from the accurate water fluoridation science that they are not even in the ball park of scientifically accurate water fluoridation science. Truth decay causes fluoridation…

Jim Maxey DDS

Astronaut Ape - He Was The First

More on "Astronaut Ape" from Russia at

Friday, 14 June 2019

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Mostaq Hussain - UNB Saint John Campus on EuroCana...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Mostaq Hussain - UNB Saint John Campus on EuroCana...: Immigrant Professor at UNB Saint John in New Brunswick Canada has a problem with Duchesne...
Duchesne is founder of  "Council of European Canadians" .. Duchesne advises:

"For about three weeks Amazon (some SJW employee) froze the ranking, and placed the old version up front with a very high price, but after the publisher filed a complaint, this has been fixed, and ranking is back up. I forget to check the Kindle version; this morning noticed it is ranked #1 in a big category "Best Sellers in Canada", and "Canadian History": 

Stop UN Agenda 2030 Technocracy

Diversity and the End of Everything

Somewhere only we know

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Tantramar Skate Park - Youth Project - Facebook

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Tantramar Skate Park - Youth Project - Facebook: Who builds great Cdn skateparks? Newline Skateparks build great skateparks... Check out their page on Facebook

The Rodin Coil Over Unity Transducer | Marko Rodin | #VortexBasedMathema... ... ...
Yes, we are excited to announce that we are working on the GlobalBEM 2019 event in November 9 & 10 in Breukelen, The Netherlands (10 min from Amsterdam). Mark these dates!. The GlobalBEM team is working hard to finalize the 2019 program with presentations from the best experts in the field of Breakthrough Energy. We will keep you in the loop about the program, the speakers, early bird ticket sales, etc. So be sure you are subscribed to our mailinglist:

📝 Pulse Magazine
PULSE Magazine is GlobalBEM's print publication.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood

Beauties in New Brunswick photog project since 2011

Tantramar Skate Park - Global BEM 2019

New Brunswick Youth Project with Global BEM and Tantramar Landowners Association since 2015 ... ... ⚡️GLOBALBEM CONFERENCE 2019⚡️ PLEASE SHARE THIS POST Yes, we are excited to announce that we are working on the GlobalBEM 2019 event in November 9 & 10 in Breukelen, The Netherlands (10 min from Amsterdam). Mark these dates!. The GlobalBEM team is working hard to finalize the 2019 program with presentations from the best experts in the field of Breakthrough Energy. We will keep you in the loop about the program, the speakers, early bird ticket sales, etc. So be sure you are subscribed to our mailinglist:

📝 Pulse Magazine PULSE Magazine is GlobalBEM's print publication.

Another Academic Mobbing - No Joke Janice Episode 23

I looked up Prof. Duchesne's "Rate my Professors" page. [link below] There were 19 comments total. Of these, 14 were positive, 1 negative and 4 neutral. A comment was rated as positive if it included words like "loved, great, best" or similar. The one negative comment was "Worst prof ever". The neutral comments either discussed things like the structure of the class or the grading; or didn't clearly fit positive or negative.

Students for Western Civilisation

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

UNB Academics Connive Against Prof. Ricardo Duchesne

UNB Academics Connive Against Prof. Ricardo Duchesne <--

Thursday, 30 May 2019

UNB Academics Connive Against Prof. Ricardo Duchesne

by Ricardo Duchesne

Creepy Matthew Sears: Alone in his bathroom tweeting about Ricardo Duchesne

Agroup of closed-minded professors at my university, UNB, have launched an all-out attack against my academic reputation and freedom for the simple reason that I outgrew the juvenile ideas we were all forced to accept as undergrad students.

They managed to get two low IQ fake journalists to write hit pieces in the Huff Post. One of the key figures in this campaign is professor Gary Waite, who slips out in the second Huff Post piece that his colleagues had been "discussing how to best respond to Duchesne’s beliefs for more than a year". This attack was well-planned. Over a hundred academics have now signed a letter (posted at the Huff) condemning my "extremist views" using typical labels intended to suppress ideas they can't handle rationally and factually. These feminists can't refute the fact that thousands of women have been sexually raped and assaulted by Muslim immigrants across Europe. Their "peer review" argument is that these charges are "racist" and "Islamophobic".

The claim is basically that I am a "white supremacist" because I am a critic of immigration, believe in white identity politics, and argue that Europeans were the most creative people in history. Their silencing strategy has been to repeat point blank without reflection that "the claims of Duchesne are not peer reviewed". That's right, my arguments about immigration have not been approved by the leftist academics who dominate all the universities, the journals, and publishing houses.

I published in standard academic journals through my PhD years until about 2006, from which time I started publishing in mainstream conservative journals, until I decided around 2013 to send manuscripts only to dissident right journals. These were the only journals welcoming critical thinking on the most fundamental issue of our times: the forced diversification of all white nations by corrupt academics and globalists. I have sent most of my recent manuscripts toThe Occidental Quarterly, a journal that frightens the hell of out of white male academics, because its main editor is none other than Kevin MacDonald. This dissident scholar, emeritus professor of California State University, Long Beach, happens to have over 2,600 citations, far higher than critics at UNB. I respect MacDonald's judgement more than the combined lethargic judgement of my UNB critics. 
... [continued at CEC link above]

Threat to the Canadian People : best-selling author Ricardo Duchesne's presentation

National Citizens Alliance Forum with Professor Ricardo Duchesne [ ] 

The presentation focuses on the threat to the Canadian people from the globalist agenda by the establishment parties and corporate globalists.


Unpacking the Globalist Rhetoric of Justin Trudeau

Stephen Garvey, National Citizens Alliance, new federal party of Canada.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson - PPC Candidate - British Columbia

"Gender Dysphoria is a real condition and can be very difficult. 82 to 92% of young people suffering with this completely desist from these feelings after puberty. Socially or medically transitioning children is dangerous and irresponsible.
What happened to telling kids to love themselves the way they are?
The Pope is quoting from Scripture which tells us that God had a specific plan in mind when He made us. It was distinct and unique. Interference by the medical community for their own personal financial gain is immoral and reprehensible."
Federal Election is October 21, 2019

Oil Spill News Flash from Freedom Free For All - British Columbia

Freedom Free For All - Trav Patron - Canada
Federal election October 21, 2019