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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Alex Epstein - The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels | Exploring Minds

The more affordable energy is, the more affordable everything is. The less affordable energy is, the less affordable everything is.

Ireland Starts 'Gender Neutral' HPV Vaccine for Boys

Podcast episode from Patrick Wood, http://technocracy.news

Sh*t Sackvillians Say.... : Jason Verbelli The Real Verbz indie researcher

Sh*t Sackvillians Say.... : Jason Verbelli The Real Verbz indie researcher...: Link here for the free energy flyer by Jason Verbelli - with printing instructions. https://www.scribd.com/doc/56042386/Free-Energy-Flyer...

Hyperborean Planet - Twitter - Art, Illustration, Design

Mark Brahmin Writer and Kevin King Artist publishers of the graphic novel "Seraph & The Alliance" hyperboreanplanet.com

"Hyperborean Planet" Twitter... "Bride Gathering" ..

Bride Gathering.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Sh*t Sackvillians Say.... : Canada's best journalist: Faith J. Goldy on Professor Duchesne

Sh*t Sackvillians Say.... : Canada's best journalist: Faith J. Goldy on Prof....: Faith J Goldy    ✝️ ‏ Verified account   @FaithGoldy   Jun 4 More Dr. Ricardo Duchesne dared to discuss European Canadian

Anti-Natalism and the Anti-White Agenda

Sh*t Sackvillians Say.... : New Brunswick Leading The Way to Safe Fluoridation...

Sh*t Sackvillians Say.... : New Brunswick Leading The Way to Safe Fluoridation...: With the exception of Oromocto : our New Brunswick Canada has achieved completely fluoridation-free water supply status as a province...

Tantramar Landowners Canada : Say No To Radical Greens UN Agenda 2030 - NGO Mum Laura

Tantramar Landowners Canada : Say No To Radical Greens UN Agenda 2030 - NGO Mum ...: NGO Mum Laura is running for political office

CBC Interview With Travis Patron On CNP Eligibility

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Thursday, 29 August 2019

Dr. Hardy Limeback interviewed by Dr. Paul Connett about water fluoridation

Published on Dec 29, 2012
Dr. Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS, Associate Professor and Head of the School of Preventive Dentistry at University of Toronto, speaks to Dr. Paul Connett about water fluoridation dental and health concerns. This interview took place in May 2000.

Twitter https://twitter.com/DrLimeback

See also:  http://fluoridealert.org


30 years ago, the scientists who warned about in our drinking water were ridiculed. As a result, Americans accepted the nonsense that our drinking water was/is “safe.” I said no to fluoride three decades ago. Believe me, I have no regrets about that decision.

The truth about Amazon fires | Steffen Henne and Don Watkins

Ontario Dental Association Pleads Guilty To Breaking Ontario Election Law

video courtesy of Canadians opposed to fluoridation...

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CanadiansOpposedtoFluoridation/

Jason Verbelli The Real Verbz indie researcher



Antifa Harass Family Farm At Public Market - Sarah Dye

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Safe Water Halifax - Wellness & Health - Canada

Facebook... tell your friends... https://www.facebook.com/Safe-Water-Halifax-191578307541132/

Chalk Artivism Downtown Sackville for SWCIV.com - Colonize the Safe Space 2019

Frank Godon Speaks on the Indian Act

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WANTED: Candidates for National Citizens Alliance - Federal Party 2019

NCA Candidates for Federal Election

Adrien Bordage, NCA Executive Member has a message for you in regard to becoming a NCA candidate in the upcoming federal election. Let's give Canadians a true populist, nationalist choice on the ballots from coast to coast! 
Stephen Garvey


My name is Adrien Bordage. I am a NCA executive member in charge of candidate outreach.
The National Citizens Alliance has an organizational goal of 50 plus candidates for the upcoming federal election.
It is important we field as many candidates as possible because it helps with name recognition and allows our supporters to vote for us.
There are two avenues to become a NCA candidate:  regular candidate and paper candidate.
Fortunately, becoming a candidate in a federal election could not be easier. You simply need 120 signatures of voters from your riding who endorse your candidacy, and an agent to administer your campaign funds. The agent can be a family member or friend.

1. Regular Candidate would participate in riding debates and campaign activities such as fundraising and rallies. Time commitment minimum 2-3 days, maximum 36 days.
2. Paper Candidate would get his or her name and the NCA name on the ballot. Time commitment around 2-3 days.  
I provided a link to the candidate nomination package. Please note you are not required to have an auditor so ignore that section.
If you have questions or interested in being a NCA candidate, please contact me directly at:
Canadians First!
Adrien Bordage
NCA Executive Member

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Our mailing address is:
728 Northmount Drive NW
PO Box 94
CalgaryAlberta T2K 6J8

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NCA Immigration Plan for Canada, Parts 3 & 4

Stephen Garvey, founder/leader of National Citizens Alliance, new federal political party in Canada discussing the numbers and reality of MASS immigration in Canada.

The Apollonian Transmission - Mark Brahmin - USA - Twitter - Publishing

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Vaccine Mandates Remove Medical Freedom

NB, Canada is attempting to remove non-medical exemptions for mandatory school vaccines. What this means is that you will lose the ability to opt out. This is not even about if vaccines are dangerous or not this is about removing your Medical Freedom to choose! Research shows the unvaccinated population is healthier and is of no risk to the vaccinated, so it appears this Bill 39 is motivated my money and politics more than public health!

I think they have chosen NB because they see it as the weakest link. Most provinces have gotten the bogus measles scare that they used in Disney and Washington. Once a bill would be passed then it is easier after setting a precedence to roll it out to other parts of Canada.

How can we best educate this group so they see that the vaccine is far more dangerous than the actual childhood illness? What local NB person has the most influence in these matters? Does anyone have any unbiased media or political contacts in NB? Please send an e-mail today July 15th, 2019 (leg-consultations@gnb.ca.) to voice your concern. You have my permission to copy and paste my words if you choose.

CCFR Radio Episode 45 - Aug 27, 2019 - VIDEO VERSION!!!!


Advice for the ones who need it....