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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Cloak of Green by Elaine Dewar [Canada]

A great lady... a terrific author .. a powerhouse researcher .. .Elaine Dewar, a Canadian treasure... this book sat in the library of a top Canadian university for years and years ... when I found it ... it had not been checked out since October 1997 ... wow... just wow... this book is incredibly important reading ... and judging by the price of this book used on Amazon you might very well ask yourself why?  Published by Halifax's "Lorimer" you might be able to get your copy directly from them at their website .. for my money...  1995's Cloak of Green is essential reading for critical thinkers.. thanks Elaine .. check out her blogger at here .. happy reading.. I put up this poster at the university library bulletin board to celebrate 20 years since publication ... Elaine's subsequent books are also terrific .... "Bones" .. "The Second Tree" .. and 'SMARTS' [which is now being published in China]... at Elaine's blog she is offering her readers a free novel .. go check it out and see what you think.... cheers Elaine xx

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